Oh, you shouldn’t have…

I’ve been nominated! For realsies this time!

Hello! It’s my birthday! No, really – it is. I’ve written in a weird blue font and everything; man I’m feeling wacky today. I mean, who does that? Ha ha ha. Anyway, I’m 45 today! What did you buy me? Oh…oh, I see. Well, never mind. To make up for your insensitivity and forgetfulness, you can do me a teensy favour. You see, this little bloggette is really for my blog followers who don’t follow me on any other social media platform. I know, I can’t understand why either. Anyhoo, I’ve been nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2017 (by my blogging friend, Mike Raven – who also happens to be a nominee). Now, if you read my blog (and like it in any way, shape or form) would you please be kind enough to vote for me?

This is just the public vote round. The top 8 blogs with the highest amount of votes then get through to a judging panel. I’m highly unlikely to even make it through to that stage. There are hundreds of other blogs nominated with a bigger following than mine, but you have to be in it to win it – that’s what I always say (I never say this). It’s going to be a big ol’ popularity contest, and other entrants will get all their followers to vote for them, then get all their follower’s cousins, uncles and great aunts to vote for them too. Actually, feel free to get all your family and friends to vote for me, if you like (you didn’t hear that from me).

So, all you have to do is click on the link I will shortly provide for you, enter your email address (they only want this to ensure each email address is used to vote for one nominee one time, to stamp out the same voter repeatedly voting for the same person – i.e. cheating. You won’t be bombarded with emails). If you happen to have multiple email addresses, and you want to vote for me multiple times, that’s fine, don’t let me stop you (you didn’t hear that from me either). Please then select the category,ย Arts, Culture & Lifestyle, then submit. That is literally it. Bosh. You’ve voted (for me, preferably). And what’s more, you’ve made up for your huge gaff in forgetting to buy me a birthday present.

So whenever you’re ready, click…


Right, I’m off to eat a massive slab of cake. But thank you in advance for your lovely gift. You shouldn’t have (you should).

All the best,

Adele xxx

PS: You only have up until 10am on the 19th of December until votes close. So why not vote now, before you forget? Like you did with my birthday…

A picture of my blog so there can be no mistakes.


25 thoughts on “Oh, you shouldn’t have…

  1. happy birthday, Adele. May all your uphills lead to summits with awe-inspiring vistas, may all your downhills lead to wells of refreshment and clarity… and when they don’t, for sometimes they won’t. May you unslump with out too much grump.

    be good

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