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International Relations

International Relations1Master Cover

From rags to riches and back again, Dee Campbell-Stark’s life has been turned upside down. Her wealthy husband Lance’s untimely demise has left her in an emotionally and financially uncertain world. Lance’s secret indiscretions are a past Dee now must bury along with her late-husband.

But the arrival of enigmatic and brooding Milo Phillips (Lance’s estranged American cousin) changes everything. A single mother now, Dee must decide the course of her uncertain future. Will she venture deeper into her unpopular friendship with Milo and risk the wrath of the Stark family? And what exactly will an idiosyncratic, quirky girl with no real aspirations or talents (other than a smart-mouth) do with her once-charmed life?

Not a run-of the-mill heroine. Not a stereotypical male protagonist. And the combination is refreshingly different. This modern-day classic is an intelligent and amusing, yet bitter-sweet romantic tale.

American Cousins

American Cousins IR2 Cover
Dee Campbell is definitely on course for a fairy-tale future…right? Well…
The difficult decision to marry enigmatic Milo Phillips has been made. Her longed-for aspirations of ‘family’ finally seem to be coming to fruition.
However, insurmountable obstacles are thrown into her path; disapproving family, men, other men – and another woman. Oh, and whatever happened to that missing secretary?
Coloured with humour and heartbreak, ‘American Cousins’ (the second book in the ‘International Relations’ saga), paints the picture of hapless Dee’s progressively messy life.
Will that happy-ever-after finally come about? Or will jealousy, deception, tragedy and mystery put the kibosh on that little fantasy once again?

Foreign Affairs


‘A man deserves a second chance, but keep an eye on him.’ John Wayne.

Dee Phillips has endured more than her quota of heartbreak. Still, she has finally fixed all her relationship glitches and secured her ‘happy ever after’. Surely it’s in the bag this time, right…?

With Felix banned from her life and after giving the complicated and arcane Milo a second chance, her world – already beset with drama – begins to go awry once more. Treachery, revenge, tragedy, love-pentagons (yes, really), it’s all going on.

Catch up with our quirky heroine in the thrilling conclusion of the sometimes droll, sometimes heartrending final instalment of the ‘International Relations’ saga. It’s going to be another rollercoaster. You have been warned.


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