All About Adele



Adele Archer was born in Bethnal Green, East London in the 1970s, the second youngest of six children. Growing up in a council flat in not the most salubrious part of town, she was always a dreamer – and her imagination was the best escape of all. Adele was writing books from the age of eleven – but inventing stories in her head long before that.

Adele spent the majority of her working life as a trained nurse but it was in 2011, after the death of her beloved sister, that she decided it was time that writing novels could no longer just be a secret hobby. Because, in her bitter experience, life was too short for ‘if only’s’.

Her first novel, ‘International Relations’ was released in 2015, and the second in the trilogy, ‘American Cousins’ was published in 2016. The third book in the saga is soon to follow. Adele writes contemporary women’s fiction with an amusing (albeit slightly bitter) take on life and romance. She writes for strong, witty women who want to read about strong, witty women. Oh, and she writes for men too. And children (oh wait…not children). But definitely goats (strong, witty goats, mind you). Her blog, however, discusses all the things she can’t crowbar into a novel, but since you’re here, you’ll already know that.

Adele now resides in the West Country with her wonderful husband and two amazing daughters. In her spare time, she writes songs and sings, reads voraciously and crams in as many period/costume drama shows as her long-suffering family will allow. She would wear a bustle and a bonnet on a daily basis if she could…

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