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5.0 out of 5 stars Emotional, captivating, romantic, awesome read 
12 March 2017 By Saroja vasanth
This review is from: Foreign Affairs: International Relations III (Kindle Edition)

I don’t know what to say? Book three is certainly darker than the other two and it is an awesome read. I could not decide if I am with team Felix or team Milo. However like Dee, we knew with whom she belonged.

This is a page turner and I could not stop reading. Did shed a tear here and there. In the first I really wanted Felix to move on and let Dee and Milo get on with their life. As the story went I could say like all other characters of the story, maybe Felix and Dee are meant to be together after all. But, seriously what a mixed feelings. As a reader I could clearly understand Dee feelings, is itself says how wonderfully Adele Archer has written the book. But it was a surprise to see Milo like a saint in the end because the way he acted towards Dee in the last couple of months was not right, yet understandable in his position I suppose. Maybe people do change and there is a happy ending after a loads of hardships in life. A good book always has something to tell and it is clear in all Adele three books of International relations that jealousy always kills relationships. Looking forward to read more books by you Adele Archer. Good luck to you.

A gripping read right to the end.
By Kirsty Crompton on 3 Mar. 2017
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

After waiting for what seemed an eternity for this third and final addition to the International Relations trilogy, I was not disappointed. Just when you think the rollercoaster that is Dee’s life is pulling back into the station BOOM….it’s off whizzing up and down again, with additional twists and turns along the way. Adele writes in such a way that it’s impossible not to get drawn into this story, relate to the characters and feel what they’re feeling. I promised myself I would take my time reading this book, make it last as it’s the last one but I couldn’t do it. Another page turning, can’t put this book down success but be warned, if you’re an emotional person like me, get the tissues ready……I may have shed a few tears along the way!

I loved the book

By Amazon Customer on 5 March 2017 (also reviewed on Goodreads)

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I loved the book. It was nice to see how different yet same families became friends, and evolved into a completely new family. The final book is dark, just like the author promised.
Maybe I won’t call what Dee and Felix had as ‘love’ but what they had was inevitable.
I am so glad that I purchased the book the day it was released and managed to read it in two days while watching ‘Full House’ on a different tab. 😀
Thanks for this wonderful saga, Adele.