Reviews of Book 2

American Cousins IR2 Cover

These are reviews of ‘American Cousins’ taken from Amazon U.K., Amazon U.S., Amazon India, and Goodreads.

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By M. Raven – 30 Jan. 2017

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A brilliant sequel to International Relations, the adventures of Milo and Dee continue. As someone who isn’t a typical romance reader, I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed both of Adele’s books, I find it fascinating how they stir up emotions (I’ve never felt angry at a character in a book before! Silly Milo!) and it’s a really enjoyable read. It’s hard to predict how the story is going to turn out, which just adds to the enjoyment!

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By Saroja vasanth on 23 August 2016

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What a twist in the story, it was really interesting and this second book keeps you hooked more than the first as the events in Dee life takes such different directions. End of the book I am still not sure if she took the right decision.
I hope the third is ready to hit stores, as I truly can’t wait to know what happens now.
Why, I have a feeling life is going to throw a lot more confusions as how Dee feels for the men in her life?
Well, looking forward for the third book release Adele Archer.

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By Amazon Customer on 21 Aug. 2016
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A very interesting read, so many different ups and downs, I couldn’t put the book down as the story was so gripping….. Can’t wait to read the 3rd book. Well done Adele 👍😊

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Laura B. rated it on Amazon (U.S and U.K.) and Goodreads, Jul 12, 2016

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It turns out you don’t particularly have to be an aficionado of the romance genre to enjoy a love story. How do I know? Because although I most often pass on romance novels, I very much do gravitate toward relationship stories and you’ll certainly find that in American Cousins, second in author Adele Archer’s International Relations series.

Now make no mistake. This is indeed a romance novel, one that brings together the heart and all its subsequent messiness between British native Dee Campbell and American resident Milo Phillips. But, oh my. Prepare yourself for a rich tapestry of conflicting emotions in an even larger cast of characters who may not always be who you think they are. Can we, for instance, spell deceit? Betrayal? Jealousy? Possibly obsession? And that’s just for starters—all carefully concealed beneath longings that would otherwise seem fairly ordinary until you’ve stripped away the essential premise and vows of everyday love between a man and a woman.

Mmm . . . it’s tempting to tell you what happens before and after Dee and Milo marry. It’s tempting to reveal some of the potentially manipulative tactics (or are they?) between friends, lovers, and cousins who may or may not be rivals. However, I’ve never been one for spoilers and I won’t tell you how their marriage upends and then develops further along an uncharted course that will change them both and others along the way. That’s for you to decide.

I will tell you this, though: If you enjoy any kind of novel that doesn’t have a predictable outcome, then Adele Archer’s second novel in the series will satisfy. Actually, it’ll do more than that. It will quite likely make it difficult to put the book aside at the end of a chapter. So don’t. Learn for yourself why American Cousins might just have less to do with geography than with tortured matters of the heart.

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By Kirsty Crompton on 6 July 2016
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Adele has done it again, produced another book that I just couldn’t put down so desperate was I to discover how Dee and Milo’s rollercoaster of a relationship would pan out. I kept telling myself just one more chapter then all of a sudden (and rather disappointingly I might add) I had finished it! Full of love, heartache, suspense and suspicion ‘American Cousins’ follows on superbly from ‘International Relations’. Roll on book three!