Bored of Board Games

There’s nothing worse than a board game. No, not so much the actual board game – it’s the having the game explained to you in intricate detail that I cannot abide. I don’t know about you, but I have the attention span of a goldfish, a goldfish with attention deficit disorder. For some reason, I do not have the ability to take on new information terribly well and having the very minutiae of a game spelled out to me, all the in’s and out’s, the clauses, the alternative rules – it sends my brain into spasm. I find myself wondering if it’s recycling or general-waste collection day tomorrow. Also, my sock drawer could really do with a sort-out…
I blame my brother for this. Growing up, he was a board game fan – oh, and he loved ‘Risk’. Risk. Probably the most mind-numbingly dull game of them all. How to take over the world with little bits of star-shaped plastic over an unbelievably long period of time. A game of strategy (is there anything worse?). Monopoly came only a close second to this. And it seems now, board games have had a resurgence in popularity which, for me, is utterly terrible news! And the games have reached a new level of complexity; like collaborative board games where you don’t even achieve a personal win, you have to do it as a ‘team’. Where’s the fun in that??
So honestly, if it isn’t Pictionary or Trivial Pursuit (I can get my head around drawing a picture or answering general knowledge questions), I think I’ll pass…

2 thoughts on “Bored of Board Games

  1. I’m a big fan of “TableTop” games (board/card games to less geeky folk) but I do think that most of them have far too many rules to be enjoyable. That’s one reason why I like Cards Against Humanity (which is an extremely evil and horrid game, but easy to understand), the rules are virtually non-existent!

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