Free Book! Catch it while you can…

Free? Wait…what…?

Now, this is not an actual blog post, so don’t get all exited, or anything. Not that I expect you were exited, you are most likely relieved. You get the morning off! Yay! Anyway, this is just a quick message to say that if you haven’t already read ‘International Relations’ (book 1 in the 3-book saga [where have you been?])…well, it’s only cotton-picking-FREE for a very limited period on Kindle! FREE! That’s gratis, people!

So grab this opportunity of a lifetime and catch it while you can! If you want to take advantage of this offer, click HERE.

However, this totally breathtaking and (frankly) life-changing* deal is only running this weekend. Once Saturday and Sunday are over (9th and 10th September), your time is up. After that, you’re totally screwed! Sorry.

If you want some incentive, this is one of my favourite reader reviews (click HERE). Not that you need incentive. It’s free. Don’t you like free stuff? I know I do. Anyway, see for yourself.

Thank you.😊

NB: If you happen to read and enjoy the book, all reviews are most welcome; nothing fancy – a couple of lines will do.

NNB (that’s not a thing): If you super-enjoy it, book 2 and 3 are available on Kindle and paperback for a very reasonable price.

NNNB (also not a thing): Apologies to those who’ve coughed up real, hard-earned cash for book 1 in the past (although I’m sure you don’t begrudge it, because I love you dearly). But an author must do these things from time to time.

*This book is unlikely to change your life. But it might. I’m kidding, it won’t…or will it…?

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