Gym Don’ts

Now, there's nothing worse than a regular gym-goer telling the novice what to do and what not to do. And let me tell you right off the bat that this isn't going to be a post about clueless newbies starting out at the gym with improper form, or lifting too light, or being one of … Continue reading Gym Don’ts

Three Lions

Ima' just leave this here... This wasn’t the blog I was planning to write. ‘TWO blogs in mind?’, I hear you cry. Well, it’s like buses with me. You wait forever and three come along at once. And then an entire year passes by with absolutely nuffink. Or perhaps you were hoping I’d go away … Continue reading Three Lions


Today, the 11th February, is the second anniversary of my blog. Which I suppose is kind of cool. I was all set to write an upbeat, gong-banging, self congratulatory post. But for some reason, I don't feel wildly pumped about this milestone. I guess two years in the blogging game is nothing to be sniffed at … Continue reading Two