The Gospel According to Big Girl

If I ever wrote a children’s book – and I have no intention of writing a children’s book – the lead protagonist would be my cat – Big Girl (aka Slim Shady). As you probably know by now, we have two cats; Slim and Kirby (Little Girl). Slim is the mother of Kirby (i.e. Big … Continue reading The Gospel According to Big Girl

Children of a Lesser Adult

My two daughters have turned 18 and 12 this month. It’s a fairly big milestone for both of them, and I thought as the month of July brought me my two gorgeous girls, it would be a nice time to pay homage to them. I’ve said this before in a previous blog a few years … Continue reading Children of a Lesser Adult


Today, the 11th February, is the second anniversary of my blog. Which I suppose is kind of cool. I was all set to write an upbeat, gong-banging, self congratulatory post. But for some reason, I don't feel wildly pumped about this milestone. I guess two years in the blogging game is nothing to be sniffed at … Continue reading Two