Food Bore

I’m saying nothing!

Look, I’m going to warn you right off the bat. I’m going to have to talk about diets again. Now wait! Before you shut your laptop with an irritated snap, let me just say I’m only going to mention diets in passing. This is not a blog post about diets. I repeat, THIS IS NOT A BLOG POST ABOUT DIETS. Everybody calm down. But I’m afraid I’m going to have to discuss food a little bit, just to set the scene. What kind of writer would I be if I didn’t? Because without ever consciously trying to, sadly…I have become a food bore…

I have been eating healthily on-and-off for five years now (sorry, this is the diet bit). It was a case of having to, really. Gastritis was making me unwell, and therefore, I needed to change the way I ate. My actual healthy-eating plan has kind of evolved over the years, as I’ve taken on board new research. But basically I eat approx. 1750 calories a day (more or less), have drastically reduced my sugar intake, and don’t eat many refined carbs. Then log the balance of my intake and output on Myfitnesspal. I do exercise three times a week, but I believe most of my success has come from my diet. I have pretty much remained at a stable weight that I’m happy with, and my gastritis (without medication) is under control. So I’ve come to the conclusion that when I eat sh*t, I feel like sh*t. Makes sense, really.

But I do have to put something out there right from the get-go. Just like everybody else, I slip up. I got too cocky a year ago and let a lot of weight creep back on because I thought I had the diet-thing licked. But I didn’t. Nobody ever has it licked. I will always have to watch what I eat. Always. When I go on holiday, the healthy eating goes out the window, and I pig-out on all kinds of crap. Then invariably pay for it later. If it’s a special occasion, I’ll eat a bit of birthday cake – or any other kind of celebratory cake. Then invariably pay for it later. I can tell you right now that I’ll be eating like a starving gannet who has never even seen food before when Christmas Day comes. I’ll be eating Quality Street for breakfast just like everybody else. But come Boxing Day, I’ll go back to the old tried-and-tested. Undoubtedly I’ll fall off the wagon now and then. I’ll mess up, and then I’ll mess up again. Still, I’ll get back on the healthy-eating horse (is there such a thing as a healthy-eating horse? Well, there is now), and do what I need to do. It works for me.

My typical work-lunch (honest).

So that should be all fine and dandy, then? Yes? Hmm… Well, the problem is this; some people now have this perception of me as some kind of health freak (which I’m really not, I eat like this because I have to). And try as I might to keep my mouth shut about food, because I hate health freaks just as much as you do, I’ve unintentionally become a ‘food bore’. But you see, people force me to be a food bore. So it really isn’t my fault. The worst of my food bore tendencies come out at work, at lunch time (obvs). Every day at 12 o’clock, I sit down in the staff room with my salad and quietly set about eating it. And every day, another member of staff will invariably comment on the salad in some way or another – usually that it ‘looks healthy’, or something. It isn’t that healthy, in all honesty; there’s a fair bit of fat in it. But I don’t worry about good fats, I worry about sugar. I try to smile or say something innocuous, but it always comes out like some sodding lecture on nutrition. And then they question my eating habits a bit further, and then I proceed to do a full-on teaching session about food. And then somebody will go on to say that they lead a very active lifestyle but can’t seem to lose weight, and I can’t help myself and tell them it’s all about what you eat. You can’t outrun a bad diet. And then their eyes glaze over and the conversation dies. I’m so bloody boring!!! I even bore myself!!! Oh my God, why can’t I smile and nod and just shut up about food??

I have this one colleague who I sit and eat lunch with pretty much daily. She usually eats a lunch consisting of a sandwich and a packet of crisps. But on occasion, she fancies eating a nice pie. And why not? I’d love to eat a nice pie on occasion, but they make me feel very ill (can’t touch pastry), so I don’t. Anyway, on the days that my colleague fancies a nice pie, she will make sure she gets to the lunchroom before 12 and devours the entire pie as quickly as possible, so that I won’t see her eat it. I know this, because she admitted it one day when I asked why she didn’t appear to have any lunch. Isn’t that terrible? I must be such a condescending, ‘judgey’ food-fascist (or at least look like I am) that people are afraid to eat their food in front of me! I mean, we laughed about it, and my colleague has now taken to bringing in a salad nine times out of ten (and has consequently lost lots of weight). But I just really hope that wasn’t because of me…

So I guess I have to admit I’m fairly passionate about nutrition, but that doesn’t mean I have to rub that passion in people’s faces (believe me, I try SO HARD not to). I just have to learn to button my lip. If people want to pay £6 a week to be a member of ‘Weight Watchers’, yet eat a massive slab of cake on a daily basis and wonder why they don’t lose weight, that’s their lookout. If people want to focus solely on exercise, yet continually eat crap (and not lose weight – and wonder why), that’s their lookout. I could tell people where they’re going wrong, but it’s not for me to point out healthy eating mistakes. I make them myself. I honestly don’t mind what other people put in their bodies. It’s their body – not mine. I’m not a dietitian, so I really only need to concern myself with my own lifestyle choices (mine and my children’s. I’m a real food fascist at home. Not that anyone listens). Still, I promise not to lord it over friends or work colleagues. I’ll keep my big trap shut. You eat your lunch and I’ll eat mine. But if you ask me my opinion on food and weight loss…then just remember when your eyes go all glassy and you fall asleep at the table, you did ask my opinion. All I did was, well, give it…

The sort of boring thing I’d say…

14 thoughts on “Food Bore

  1. Adele, I’m envious of your lunchbox, really I am!
    Ok, I’ll level with you, there are two reasons why my lunch does not resemble yours;
    1. I don’t like salady food, never have done.
    2. If I did like salady foods, I just know I would be too lazy to prepare something as exquisite as what’s in the photo!
    I always have great intentions and they never get off the ground, the best I can manage is a mixed fruit salad. I can make wonderful lunches for the boys but for me, no, I can’t be arsed because I’m too bloody fussy (as you know)
    Keep up the good work and feck the glassy eyed folk, they did ask after all.
    Just Sayin’ 😜

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  2. So true! Its all about how you eat and what you eat. Just recently since my daughter had vacations, I became a bit lazy and cut short my daily walks as well. But the one mistake I did is eat all and everything without a care. Believe it or not in just three weeks I increased 3 kgs. Now its so hard to go back. Sticking to healthy food is right but its so difficult.
    – sarojavasanth

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  3. I relate with this post, completely. I’m a work-out type of guy, but with a family history of high cholesterol. Every time I get my bad news after my blood tests, I binge diet, drop 15 pounds (and I’m not overweight to start with), drop my numbers to ‘high but you don’t need Lipitor anymore range’, then embark back on the chicken wing and ice cream journey. I have two diet switches, on or off, there is no in between. And when I’m on vacation, well let’s just say, all bets are off, no matter what switch is on. Great post Adele!

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    1. Thanks Mike! None of us can be saints, and to say you ‘can’t’ eat something anymore would just be too hard to live with. I’d just say to people, do your best most of the time, can’t say fairer than that. 🍗🍨😜

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  4. You and I are so alike! I guess that means there may be more people like us out there (is that a consolation? I know not…) I have said and thought the very things you say and think. I drive my family and friends nuts! Oooo nuts; healthy fat.

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    1. Ha ha ha! I like healthy fats too! You ought to hear me when somebody tells me they don’t eat breakfast! I literally cannot stop myself launching into a whole diatribe about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day!!😂🍳


  5. That salad does look yummy. What’s the triangle wedge at the bottom left? Pate, soft cheese? That’s what I’ll be eating again come January 1st. But for now… I’ll splurge on a BK rosti-burger tonight after work.

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    1. Ha ha! In the compartment is salad dressing (no sugar, just honey as a sweetener). If you’re interested, it’s a rocket, olive, quorn, and leerdammer salad, with Ryvita and cream cheese. But I confess, I had an all day breakfast bap today. Which is a shame as I’m trying to keep lean for the Christmas party season. And I feel ill too. I’m such an idiot…🙄 Enjoy your rosti burger! 🍔👍🏼


      1. Mmmm, that does sound delicious. Make 2 of them next time and email me one of them. 😉
        As for the bap, you can just say, “It is Christmas… ish.” for another 6 weeks, then it’s back to healthy eating again. o7

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