Dearest ‘Heart’…

I don’t often write letters of complaint or bad reviews. It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth; I worry about the person receiving negative feedback. That person could be me. If I don’t like something or the way I’ve been treated, I take a deep breath and count to ten. It will usually pass. Actually, I did write a bad review once, but it was just on Trip Advisor and I was in a super sh*tty mood. You can read it here if you like – it’s under my husband’s nickname, but if you read this blog even just a little bit, you’ll know it’s me.

Anyway, I have recently been moved to write a letter of complaint again. It’s tongue-in-cheek really, and I hope the recipient will take it as such. But there’s just something that has been bugging me for years and I’ve been promising my children I would do something about it. So, today I’ve decided I will. This is a copy of an email that I am honest-to-goodness, hand-on-heart just about to sent to a local West Country radio station by the name of ‘Heart FM’. And I’m sorry, but they’ve really had it coming.

Dearest ‘Heart’,

I have been listening to your radio station in my car for some years now – on the way to work and on the return from work (like most people). But only sporadically. There’s a reason for this which I am about to divulge to you. You’re a fundamentally good radio station and, for the most part, I like your DJs. Your travel and traffic updates have saved me from certain chaos and late-to-work-ness (real, and in no way made-up, word) on many an occasion. You SHOULD be my radio station of choice for that reason alone. But alas, you cannot be.

You see, it’s like this. Your music selection is dire. Okay, let me back-up there a bit. Not all of the music is ‘dire’, as such. But it has simply been played to death BY YOU on so many occasions, that I am sick to the back-teeth of hearing it. Your station has a couple of taglines that they like to use; ‘more music variety’ and ‘the best music from the 80s, 90s and today’. But that isn’t really the case, is it? What you actually mean is, you’re playing the music that you’ve already paid for and so you think to yourselves, ‘I know, I’ll get my money’s-worth and play it all of the live-long day!’. That would be acceptable (if annoying), if it was fairly current music. Most radio stations must adhere to their top-40 playlists. But you don’t play current music from today. You play music that is just over a year old, and that we’re all nauseated with hearing. You don’t actually play a variety of 80s or 90s music either, per se. What you play, on an alarmingly regular basis,  is this:-

Return of the Mack’ by Mark Morrison (hated this record even when it came out and like it even less now), Cira 1996

Finally’ by Cece Peniston (so very dull 24 years after its release), Circa 1992

What is Love‘ by Haddaway (seriously, why would you continue to play this?,) Circa 1993

Want to Want Me‘ by Jason Derulo (not that old but now want to top myself whenever it comes on), Circa March 2015

That’s not variety, is it? And you play these things again and again, like you’re doing us a favour, with a jaunty little comment like, ‘Ooh I love that one, haven’t heard it in ages, that really makes me want to get up and move!’. But you forget to mention that horribly dated song has been played five times that same day by your station. And five times the day before. And the day before that. But you see, I’ve noticed. And, apart from weekends, I only listen to your station for approximately an hour a day. So I can’t be the only one.

I know what you’re thinking, ‘why  doesn’t she just switch radio station if our music bothers her so much?’. Well, I’ve tried that. Radio 1 lost my patronage the day they got rid of Chris Moyles on the breakfast show. I know they did this on purpose because they wanted rid of over-forty-year-olds like me. Their music is now so horribly current (club music, really); so soulless and torturous and monotonous, that I won’t darken Radio 1s doors again. I know, I sound like my own Dad. But there it is. Current ‘popular’ music is, for the most part, rubbish. Even my 16 year-old-daughter can’t listen to it. She wants music she can sing along to. You can’t sing along to any of that noise.

I sometimes switch over to Radio 2. I quite like Chris Evans, I quite like Steve Wright (they’re the DJs who are always on during my morning and afternoon commute). But their ‘celebrity guests’ get on my very last nerve. I don’t want to know when their new book is released or when their new play opens on the West End. I once had the misfortune of listening to Jeremy Vine (when I had to leave work early for a meeting), but I hate talk-radio more than anything in this world. And the subject matter was SO unbelievably depressing that I nearly had to string myself up by the time I got to the meeting.

I’ve tried Classic FM, too. But let’s face it, I’m just not that classy – and even if I were, Classic FM only plays classical music for the masses anyway. There’s only so many times you can listen to the ‘theme from the Hovis commercial’ and not want to drive your car off a cliff.

You’re now possibly thinking, ‘well, why doesn’t she get a DAB radio in her car and then she can listen to anything?’. I drive a rather dilapidated 2003 Ford Fusion (which probably came out about the same time as some of the more up-to-date music you play). And it isn’t a ‘Fusion Plus’, or a ‘Mk II’ or a ‘Zetec’. It’s your bog standard, first edition, basic Ford Fusion. It’s got blank buttons on the dashboard where more elite Fusions have added extras (like air-con or…well, I don’t know what, because I don’t have any of those things!). But they put those buttons there, all blank and doing nothing, as if to say, ‘look what you could have had if you’d forked out a bit more money!’. It doesn’t even have electric windows!! I have to use the actual strength of my own bloody arm to open and close them! Anyway, I digress, the upshot of that is – my car stereo has a basic radio and a tape player. Yes, you heard it right, a tape player. I don’t even have any sodding tapes anymore! Nobody does! So just to be clear, I intend to run that b*stard Ford Fusion into the ground (just like with all my other cars), and I am not prepared to spend even a tiny bit of cash on it for upgrades like car stereos. All it gets is MOTs and the cost of mechanical repairs so it will drive. THAT’S IT – until it dies. And since I don’t have any tapes anymore (like the whole population of the entire world), I’m forced to listen to bog-standard FM or AM radio.

So, that’s where you come in, Heart FM. You could really clean up with disillusioned, disenfranchised radio listeners like me; people who just want to sing at the top of their lungs on their way to and from work to cheer themselves up a bit. But you’ve let a good opportunity slide in what I can only glean is a cost-cutting exercise. You can turn this around, though. Here’s how; spend a bit of cash. It’s time to start investing in your station; you’ve got to speculate to accumulate. Cough up and pay for the rights to play some newer stuff (not Radio 1, mindless, droning clubby stuff, but good new stuff). Or classic old stuff that you don’t hear very often. Mix it up a bit. Chuck your Mark Morrison, Cece Peniston and Haddaway tracks in the bin. That’s tired, worn-out music now. Just like Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’; maybe acceptable once, but now needs to be wiped off the face of the earth, and the playlists of radio stations and wedding reception DJs alike. It’s a simple mantra you might like to use; play good music, be kind of amusing in between, play good music, be kind of amusing in between. If you want, I can pop down and help you chose a few tracks – free of charge. Well, you can pay my travel expenses, that’s all. It would be no trouble and would probably make a nice day out. Oh, and I like my coffee white, with one sweetener.

Yours Truly,

Adele (not Adele the singer, the other one)”

So there is my letter of complaint. I don’t honestly expect a reply or a letter of gratitude and thanks, or an invite down to the station to sort it all out for them. It’s more likely their lawyers will get involved. But I did it for you, my lovely blog readers. Well, sort of. A) I thought it would be a laugh, and might even make a mildly amusing blog and B) I hoped that perhaps the power of the written word could change the face of music on popular local radio. But mostly, it was for a laugh *holds beath, clicks ‘send’ and seeks legal representation*.

17 thoughts on “Dearest ‘Heart’…

  1. Funny. This is relatable. I’ve been listening to an oldies station, and you’d think an oldies station would have several decades worth of music to draw from, but they play certain songs to pieces as well. 🙂

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  2. Adele Adele Adele, spot on as usual! I do not listen to Heart for ALL the reasons you’ve listed, the music choice is atrocious!!! To add to your list is Anastasia, they play it constantly, I can’t bear it! I always associate Heart FM with Swindon… and I don’t like Swindon much either! I hope they take on board your comments, keep us in the loop. I might switch back if they improve, Chris Evans is getting on my nerves😱😱😱

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  3. Apparently whoever owns Heart FM also owns a station in Dallas as well, as the model is exactly the same, down to the verbatim tagline. It’s kind of sad, really. On the other hand, I rarely turn the radio on when I’m alone in the car. It’s my “think time”, when I ponder poor life decisions and mentally compose stories for my blog. In fact, when I drive back home to Tulsa (5 hours, 1 way) I usually make the entire trip in complete silence. My partner, however, is unable to be in a vehicle without the radio on. He loses his mind otherwise…. 😉

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  4. My radio default is Classic FM. I agree with what you say about it. But I’d rather listen to “Earth” from Gladiator for the “daily time” than most anything else I guess.

    One of the funnier moments I recall radiowise was when I was working at a London university a decade ago. A twenty-something colleague came into my office and stood in front of me holding her head. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “Oh, Rob,” she replied, “I can’t believe it. I’m now old. I was listening to London’s Magic…and, and, I liked it.” 😉

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    1. Ha ha! I did listen to Classic FM for a while to calm down my morning commute, but they’re guilty of playing the same old thing too. London does have far better stations. I really need a DAB… 🤔

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  5. Well, Adele, you’re not alone in your views on so many radio stations. In America, it’s the same—not to mention endless commercials. And gee, just every now and then, couldn’t radio hosts possibly mention the name of the singer or band? Lately, because I got one of those Amazon Echo cylinder things for Christmas, I tend to listen to whatever is in the Amazon playlist, which is substantial. I just say, “Alexa, play 70s music,” for instance and there we go! Songs don’t repeat nearly as often. Of course, none of this helps you (or me) on your vehicular travels. And, like you, I’m in an older car (a 2001 Toyota Camry) that doesn’t include a huge variety of options. It does have a CD player, but I never use it.) Anyway, I have six buttons into which I can program my favorite radio stations. That helps, but it seems like most radio stations time whatever they’re doing so that they all play commercials at precisely the same time. Bottom line? DO send out that letter of complaint.

    I will often send e-mails with compliments. I’ll even make phone calls to make sure a particularly good customer service rep is noted for going beyond expectation. However, when I’ve run into a situation with a vendor or product manufacturer that does not respond to queries, well . . . I get pissed. Then I pull out the big guns: Complaining on Yelp, etc, always in a reasoned tone and with documentation. Once, I took Delta to task in a video critique of their “touchless” faucet. That was after repeated phone conversations and more, none of which got me any response. I heard back from Delta the day after that video went up and the video has received more than 8,000 views and plenty of reaction from like-minded people. Oh. And just to be fair? When (almost instantly after the video) Delta DID respond appropriately, I noted that in the video.

    Clearly, you’ve touched one of my hot buttons. I have others: health care systems, and gender inequities. But wait. This is YOUR blog, not mine . . .

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  6. I have the same problem all the way down here in South Africa, Adele.
    I don’t listen to the radio anymore because the DJ’s get on my nerves, the same songs are played at almost the same time every day, and the cheesy radio ads put me off my padkos (an Afrikaans term for snacks consumed whilst driving).
    I recently changed cars, and my new car’s stereo system is very clever. It INTERRUPTS my music CD during the scheduled radio traffic reports! … but this is Africa – nothing is ever on time. So my CD is interrupted at the same time, several times each every morning, only for me to hear the middle or the end of the song I heard the middle or the end of the day before.
    I am not as clever as the stereo system – I can’t find a way to turn off this feature.
    So, now I listen to the songs which I have downloaded on my phone. I use earphones, so I can turn it up and sing along. Or I drive in contemplative silence, depending on my mood.

    They can’t blame video, radio killed itself.

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