Great Exblogtations

I’m not sure how much longer I can keep this malarkey up; you know, the once-weekly blog posting business. I’m just being honest with you as this blog has actually transpired into being my online diary. And as a diary, you must listen to all kinds of crap that I come out with. I’m starting to think that my life isn’t interesting enough to bombard you with once-weekly updates. Well, actually, it kind of is – but a great deal of what I write, I don’t feel comfortable in posting for these reasons:- 1) It could be deemed as mildly offensive to one or more persons I know or have known. Only mildly – why does everyone have to be so touchy? 2) A lot of my rejected posts have become a little too maudlin in nature. There’s being honest and then there’s being honest. 3) Sometimes I think the things I write make me come across badly. I need to avoid being a) too bleety b) too know-it-ally c) too makey-up-wordy. And nobody wants to be accused of that.

When I started blogging in January 2015, I posted daily. This was not sustainable for the types of posts I’m interested in writing (longer reads/essays, if you will) so I soon cut back to alternate days. And then the lazy slob within me told me this was also far too difficult to maintain so I dropped down to once a week – where I’ve sat fairly comfortably. Until now. I’m an avid reader of other blog posts which talk about the art of blogging and most tend to allude to the fact that it’s best to post once a week at a minimum or you will lose your audience. Apparently audiences expect regularity (damn you! Damn you to Hades!). As an aside, if I ever write a post on the subject of ‘how to blog’ (which I won’t, because I know nothing), I’m going to title it, ‘Seventeen and a Half Reasons Why I Have No Blogging Tips of Any Value to Give You’. I think it will be my most popular post yet (so stay tuned for that).

Now WordPress (the site on which this blog is based) insist that I have 299 followers at last count. I still maintain they are trying to flatter my ego – I mean, who could these 299 followers possibly be (well, you are one of them – and I love YOU the most)? No really, every Saturday exactly ten new followers appear on the counter so I’m starting to think somebody is having a bit of a laugh at my expense. But anyway, that would mean I could potentially brighten the lives disappoint nearly 300 people by reducing the regularity of my posts. Would all these followers instantly abandon ship for a more productive blogger than me?

Here’s how it works. Usually, on Monday evening I will write the bare bones of a blog. Often the idea will spring from a title. A good title is nine tenths of the law, I always say. I don’t know why I say this because it doesn’t make any sense. Then I leave the draft alone for a couple of days. I cast fresh eyes over it midweek, then on Friday night I polish it. One more read-through on Saturday morning, then boom, I hit publish. And then I can ride the lazy train all weekend – choo-choo! But Monday rolls around again all too soon. Lately, it’s been getting to Friday and I still have nothing! This self-imposed deadline is starting to get to me.

So here’s the crux of the problem; I’m crazy-busy right now. I’m a mother (yawn! Who isn’t? Well, a father, I suppose…). I have a day-job (super-exaggerated-yawn! Yeah? And? So?). And I have two completed novels; book 2 and 3 from a trilogy, in desperate need of editing (Yawny McYawnerson!). If I’m entirely honest, I only got into this blogging lark because I published a book (ooh, shall I insert a link whereby shamelessly promoting said book? Nah, can’t be arsed. You can find it in the ‘pages’ section if you like) and all the advice on the internet suggested that writers need to have a blog. So now I do. It just happened to transpire that I thoroughly enjoyed blogging; there’s a freedom of expression in blogging that you just don’t get when writing a book. Oh and books are longer – therefore harder to write. Who knew.

So what to do, what to do? It all comes back to one thing really. Does anybody really care? Is anybody here now? Echo…echo… Apart from the people who ‘like’, or leave a comment below or comment on Google+ or FaceBook, I have no idea who really reads this blog. All I see are the figures in my stats and which country you lovely people come from (and I’ll tell you what, 300 people do NOT visit at every blog posting). As an interesting aside, the majority of you are from the UK or the USA – you’re my tied-top-supporters (but I love all nations, me). I could go all old-school-retro and post some popular, vintage blog from my back-catalogue now and then. Not any old crap, y’know – posts that I’m actually proud of. That could be good because I’ve way more followers now than I had at the beginning – and how many new people go and look back through your archives? None of them do, that’s how many (and I only say this as I don’t go back through the archives of other people’s blogs so I couldn’t expect any person with a life to do something I can’t). But I’ve only got eight months of material to choose from. Adversely, I could change the way I blog; write shorter pieces or maybe just post a photo on the odd occasion. Some would probably prefer that I didn’t ramble on so much – but that just isn’t really me. Not at the moment anyway.

Well, for now I guess I’ll just carry on as I am. Usually I can cobble something together and on some weeks I am gifted with an occurrence that I can be sarcastic about satirically use my observational humour on. There was the general election, Glastonbury, the arrival of a stray cat…just certain events in my social calendar really. If I can milk a blog out of something (without offending somebody or betraying a confidence), trust me, I bloody well will. But I just need you to understand (because you’re my diary and you have no choice), that it isn’t easy. I earn zero money from blogging (that’s okay, I do it for the love!) so sometimes other aspects of my life will have to take precedence. But you know deep down in my heart, I’m still thinking of you.

PS: Just to point out, this blog isn’t as long as other previous posts. So you can see – already things are slipping *sigh*

PPS: I’m on holiday this week so God know what old dross you’ll get next Saturday…

33 thoughts on “Great Exblogtations

  1. One genuinely interested reader here! I’ve only just started blogging in earnest, but I can identify closely with a lot of the issues you bring up. I can’t speak for other readers (my guess is they’re a very wide ranging bunch) but I really enjoy reading about other people and their lives, even the ‘ordinary’ parts. And I really enjoy good quality writing of all sorts. So, I enjoy your blog for lots of different reasons :). Enjoy your holiday, and i look forward to next weeks, and don’t care if you think it is ‘old dross’ 😉

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  2. Hi Adele, I enjoyed reading this, but have to admit that I have only just discovered your blog so can’t really say that I would miss it if you stop writing it. I’m sure however that if I had been following it for a while I would.
    I too am new to blogging as I started in April when I was made redundant and I also write a weekly blog (I draft mine tuesday night and post it wednesday am, so now feel like a slacker as you spend a week on yours). I began my blog as I was too lazy/scared to attempt a novel so am really impressed that you have 2 under your belt already. I will of course now immediately buy both books.
    So as a complete novice can I suggest that you keep blogging as reading this post on a Saturday morning has been a great way to start the weekend.

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  3. It can be hard to keep to a schedule, and even blogging once a week – those weeks roll round fast. It depends really what you want out of your blogging experience – for me, blogging is something that keeps me actively writing regularly, I know that if I was able to look at it wholly logically and responsibly I would skip blogging, and just go and write a book like I’ve intended to for years, but I don’t have the inclination to work on a piece of work that I can’t complete in an hour (like a blog).

    There are things you can do to help support you – guest blogging, for example – to lighten the load.

    All the best!

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  4. Dear Lady Adele….


    I must implore you heartily–with great zeal and enthusiasm, in fact–to be please carry on with these weekly dispensations of your adorably witty, wonderfully addictive posts! Be they here, G+, FB or on any available wall space at a restaurant loo you may feel compelled to claim in a fit of impassioned inspiration! Well…the last one at your own discretion only (I absolve myself of any responsibility if you do).

    I hope you’ll pardon my own whimsical exclamations at this time. You see, I’m one of your beloved American captives you mentioned. And therefore, it’s comfortably past the midnight hour here–though I imagine the sun is dancing merrily in full swing where you are at this time. I’m really half asleep. As I’m sure you’re aware, we’re coming up for a new president in the U.S. soon (if you can call a year and a half soon). So customary–and unrelenting–deluge of the candidates’ daily campaign rhetoric, analysis, commentary, more rhetoric, analysis and commentary via all forms of the media has many of us here (for varying reasons) enthralled. I’m big on keeping up with current affairs here and across the globe (politics, economy, medical developments, environmental issues, etc), so I do a lot of reading and when possible follow news programs. Should have escaped to bed long ago, but opted to check my G+ alerts before and got snared by this post (dagnabit, Adele!). I’d be happy to write a more lucid and subject appropriate reply right now. However, I frightened to admit I just finished re-reading our nation’s entire Constitution and several other documents as part of some personal (blog-related) research I’m doing.It’s been a long night and I’m too winded to spare the full energy your post here so rightly deserves. I most definitely will some time after I’ve gotten a wee bit of shut-eye.

    That said, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and am compelled to remark a little bit here and now (after that ridiculously long and needless diversion I just swerved into the last paragraph).

    Okay, to address some things you said about reasons you may (facetiously, I hope?) stop blogging….

    1) YOU SAID: “It could be deemed as mildly offensive to one or more persons I know or have known.”

    I SAY: Don’t be silly, Adele. The only way to completely avoid pissing off at least ONE person in life and ensuring the dark rise of a new arch nemesis is to never interact with anybody in any way ever. From birth. That would be like trying to run across your front lawn barefoot without letting the grass touch your toes. So, unless you’ve recently learned how to fly, that might not happen.

    2) YOU SAID: “A lot of my rejected posts have become a little too maudlin in nature. There’s being honest and then there’s being honest.”

    I SAY: Rejected…? Maudlin….? Suggestions of being too honest….? Pshaw….nonsense! Well, yeah, I guess there might SOMETIMES be a thing as being too brutally frank (God knows I know). But here’s a newsflash–your style and manner of doing what you do is a big reason (and I’m sure your 299 other readers) keep comin’ back for more. Your posts are addictive–like designer opium. You can’t stop now…where else will I get my fix?

    3) A-AAND YOU SAID: “Sometimes I think the things I write make me come across badly. I need to avoid being a) too bleety b) too know-it-ally c) too makey-up-wordy. And nobody wants to be accused of that.”

    A-AAND I SAY: a) I’m too tired to look up bleety–later. b) Don’t underestimate the allure of pomposity. It’s trending (ha…I keed; you’re the “zest” in…well, zezty! No shame in that). and c). I’ve made up words my entire life–and didn’t know it until someone recently told me. 🙂 What’s wrong with that?

    Okay, I’m catching a deeply menacing glare from the sandman looming over my shoulder. Think it’s time I go visit some sheep (and not in the perverted way).

    Good day!

    P.s. Thanks for the hearty laugh parts of this gave me!

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      1. Well, I think and am absolutely positive you’ll be great and do a lot of really, really wonderful things regardless, Adele. You are you. And no one anywhere ever can take this away from you. I didn’t just pick you out of the blue to admire and flatter. You being you earn every day the shower of praise and affection you receive because of who you are both in essence and fact. Your impact in life is real, positive and inimitable. And of course very, very special. Your family and friends of course know this. Now, you are allowing the rest of the world see it too!

        Thanks, Adele. I’m glad I met you!

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  5. Adele, Adele, Adele …
    There’s an old saying in the rooms where nobody has a last name that goes something like this, “Fake it until you make it,” which doesn’t just pertain to the town drunk but seems to have a lot to do with anyone that has a dream or a plan, or something of those sorts. Not to apply any more pressure on you but on any of those occasions when I talk about how there are bloggers around me that are so much the better writers than I am, you are one of them. I am hoping that you figured that out on your own, but on the off chance that you didn’t, stop being an idiot!
    For the 7 bazillionth time (like you are the only one that makes up words) your blog is YOU. If you feel like posting videos of you clipping your toenails that’s your prerogative and thanks to the many sickies that hang out on the internet, you would probably triple your followers in about an hour if you did. Of course I have sat back and expected different things of you aside from clipping toenails, a short story here and there, maybe a tacky poem using your Shakespearean bangling of the English language, or perhaps something vaguely instructional because you are proud that you figured it out. Until then please just “fake it until you make it” and let us decide whether it is worth reading or not.

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  6. Adele, I understand exactly what you mean, I started my blog the same time that you started your blog; I too blog 3 times a week. Now my blog is all broke, and I have 5 blogs waiting in the wings. I keep telling myself, ” when you get your website up things will be better.” But not so much. Good luck to you.


  7. My only regularity is in the mornings! (I know you like toilet humour). I wish I had your discipline to produce a blog on the same day every week. Like you, I only really started blogging because of my novels and as I am still writing one, my posts are very irregular. I have found it very difficult sometimes, with the book and other major commitments (thankfully nearly at an end) and the fact that the week just seems to fly past. I find it amazing how some of our friends out there post every day.

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  8. Could we not all rally round to find a foster home for the children to free up some time? I always resisted calling my activity blogging, aware of the regularity implied by such a label and never wanting to feel compelled to write for a reason or pressure other than having something to write and a desire to publish. One or two of my most scratchy tumbleweed posts remain the bits of writing I’m most happy with. It’s tough finding time and keeping an audience, but even if both should reduce I still think it’s better than your previous solution of keeping everything hidden away and never sharing it. Because you’re too good to do that. Offending people is fine, especially if it’s not me or my wife. I would simply and subtly change names to protect the innocent: Ranielle and Dobin; Jadam and ‘O’. See: easy, and no one gets offended. x

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  9. You’ve done well to get this far Adele, I only managed three blog posts before I gave up.

    I will say though, I prefer shorter blog posts. When I see a new blog post from any of the bloggers I follow, and I scroll down to see a wall of paragraphs I usually don’t bother reading, unless the topic really grabs me.

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  10. How very dare you poke holes in your blogging and don’t even think for one moment of jacking it in !
    I LOVE your musings and one day when I’m all growed up, I want to dip my toe in the warm waters of blogging so “KEEP CALM & KEEP BLOGGING” Adele x

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  11. A few things of note here: You said about people with life don’t really visitors archives, it’s so ironic I clicked on this post to read a few posts from the past before I started following your blog. Secondly, you still are a more frequent poster than me. Lastly, how do you write books? I’m trying my hands, but I get stuck at every point..

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    1. Thanks Rahul. I must start going through people’s archives – find those hidden treasures! I’ve written books since I was a kid so it never felt like a chore. However, now I’ve finished my trilogy, I’m deeply worried that I won’t know what to write next – my writing career could be over! 😳

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      1. Cool.. 😮😮.. The only notable thing I learnt as a kid was to fasten my shoelaces. I think I should be the worried one, with no idea on how to start. You could just take a break and start up rejuvenated again.

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