A Random Thought (A Guest Post by Christian Touchet)

Christian Touchet. Who is he? He’s a single father of 2. A dad raising his monkeys and learning from them almost as much as he teaches them. A self educated guy who loves to study philosophy and human nature. A free thinker with too much time on his hands while traveling the country 6 months a year, he occasionally writes his random thoughts. What you see here is a touch of that…

How is it we can see the beauty in the stars but not each other?
Why do we kill each other over man made concepts like religion and money?
Instead of taking our cues from the harmony of the natural world we destroy or conquer what we don’t understand. I mean, if there really is a Bigfoot or Loch Ness Monster the smartest thing they’ve done is stay hidden. Hell, I pretend I’m a grown man and I usually wish I could hide from the world.
Yes, technology is a great and wonderful thing but I’d be perfectly content to go all “Grizzly Adams” and disappear into the woods with a pet bear. Obviously that’s not a viable option because I’ve got kids. And because there’s not as much wilderness as there used to be.
When I was a kid and living with an absentee parent I’d disappear into the woods for a couple days at a time. No one would miss me and no one usually even knew I was gone. I built a little “fort” out of branches I scavenged in the woods. It was fun. I couldn’t wait until I grew up and I could stay gone in my fort for longer periods. Except I did grow up and I learned a few things. Like, first off, being a grown up sucks. Worse mistake I ever made. Or so I thought until I had kids. Now I’m glad I’m a grown up because of them.
Sadly, though, as technology improves our kids don’t get to be the same as they were when I was a kid. Yes, they get to be smarter about computers and such but they miss out on the things we had. They miss out on the beauty of the world around them. Sure, there are pictures online but that does no real justice to the majesty of seeing the natural world itself.

Then, as we grow older, we are shaped by society to not see the beauty in ordinary things. Or in each other. One group vilifies another. From religion to politics. I grew up hearing that 3 topics “you never talk about in mixed company is religion, politics or sexuality”. Eh, I say no one tells me what I can’t talk about. It’s been very rare that I’ve talked about any of these things logically and had it lead to real confrontation. Why shouldn’t we discuss them? Why shouldn’t we teach our kids that they can learn from other people’s perspectives.

On my blog I discuss social issues and society in general. Not to be “controversial” but in hopes that people will think and talk about things. Maybe try to get us back to good.

Thank you for your ever insightful, always inspiring words, Christian. If you want to hear more from Christian Touchet, visit his blog: christiantouchet

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