All of Me

Now, let me just start by saying that this post is in no way a complaint. It’s just a ponderous discussion; a thought-provoking piece (supposedly) about why I do what I do. But I want you to know, all of you – writers and non-writers alike – that when you write a blog, you make … Continue reading All of Me


All in the Game

I'll admit straight away that I've written about the various social media platforms before (here). I've written about everything before. But I wrote about them a month into my blogging career (which is almost exactly 2 years ago - I might write a post about that in early February, I'll definitely be scratching around for … Continue reading All in the Game

Write like nobody is reading (but hope to God they are)…

Apologies, apologies, apologies! I’ve been off the grid again lately as far as blogging is concerned. I read somewhere that you’re not supposed to apologise and make excuses for your lack of blog posts; you just pick up where you left off and write like you’ve never been away. But you know me; I never … Continue reading Write like nobody is reading (but hope to God they are)…