(Falling at) the Final Hurdle

Penned Friday 5th July 2019: I was just considering the disgusting prospect of writing a first draft of this blog on paper (ugh! Paper? What is this, the bloody dark ages?), when the nurse called me in for my consultation. And my two-and-a-half-hour Minor Injuries Unit stint was finally over, with a suspected 'badly sprained … Continue reading (Falling at) the Final Hurdle

How to be the Coolest Parent on Campus!

  Hello! I’m here again! I know, I know, I've been largely absent for nearly a month (in blog terms), but I needed a bit of a break. In fact, for a few days there, I had a bit of a wobble; I considered giving up blogging entirely. You never know, I still might. You … Continue reading How to be the Coolest Parent on Campus!