Note to Self

In recent months, I’ve noticed a number of vloggers and bloggers writing or reading an open ‘Letter/Note to My Younger/Former Self’ (sometimes it's future self [Captain Kirt, Rahul Singh])  It’s an exercise in writing a letter to your childhood/juvenile self; things you would like to tell the mini-you of a bygone era if you had the chance. … Continue reading Note to Self


The World’s Biggest Underachiever

The other week, I dutifully attended my daughter's 'six-form evening'. My daughter has just finished sitting her GCSEs (exams for fifteen/sixteen-year-olds for which my foreign readers will have an equivalent). And if she makes the grade (5 Cs and above, including English and Maths), she will be eligible to attend her school's six form to … Continue reading The World’s Biggest Underachiever