Sing II (Competition Special)! đźŽ¶

If you ever read this blog (c’mon, you do, don’t you?), you’ll know I joined an all-female choir a couple of months back. Well, since that time, we’ve been involved in a competition! So, I thought you might like to hear about my exciting experience of top-level, all-female, fight-to-the-death, choir face-off…type…deals… As you will recall, … Continue reading Sing II (Competition Special)! đźŽ¶


Perhaps a year ago, I mentioned on this blog that I was considering joining a choir. It was a fairly wishy-washy plan that I probably wasn’t going to follow through on, but this week, the choir-thing reared its ugly head again. I was the lead singer in amateur bands a couple of times in my … Continue reading Sing!