Blogs I Follow

This page is for readers to see the blogs and websites I subscribe to. It is constantly under construction. Blogging is a transient business. Bloggers come and bloggers go (I could be for the chop next!). I follow a lot of awesome blogs and websites. If you are a writer who posts regularly and I follow you and your site is not listed here, then it is probably on my to-do list. But my to-do list is huge. And copying and pasting  and inserting links is really hard work, y’know! 😉

Tim Clark

Sheryl Rose

Mike Raven

Erin O’Neill

Richard G. Stevens

R. J. Nello

Trina Emmerson

Nikki DeMc

Mike Senczyszak

Rahul Singh

Saroja Vansath

D L Kleur

Brian Lageose

Lizzie Loughlin

Plain Jane

Aleks K. Shaw

Plus MANY, MANY more!



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