Blogs I Follow…

This page is for readers to see the blogs and websites I subscribe to. It is constantly under construction. Blogging is a transient business. Bloggers come and bloggers go (I could be for the chop next!). I follow a lot of awesome blogs and websites. If you are a writer who posts regularly and I follow you and your site is not listed here, then it is probably on my to-do list. But my to-do list is huge. And copying and pasting  and inserting links is really hard work, y’know! 😉

Tim Clark

Sheryl Rose

Mike Raven

Erin O’Neill

Alisha Trost

Richard G. Stevens

Jill Cartlidge

R. J. Nello

Trina Emmerson

Nikki DeMc

Mike Senczyszak

Rahul Singh

Saroja Vansath

D L Kleur

Brian Lageose

Lizzie Loughlin

Plain Jane

Aleks K. Shaw

There are lots of other sites I’d like to add here but, due to other projects, unfortunately those writers don’t write very often. And I feel it only fair to my readers to share sites with regular content. However, more great sites to be listed here SOON!



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