We are the Champions, My Friends🏆

Well, I wasn’t supposed to be writing a blog this weekend (I mean, I was, but I couldn’t be arsed). And some may argue – quite rightly – that this isn’t really a blog post at all (if a blog is to be considered a thousand words or more, which it isn’t – it can be as long as you like). So, this is rather an impromptu blog written on the day of publication – which I hate to do. For one thing, it means the editing process is likely to be sh*te under par. Anyhoo, I digress. I’m writing today to advise you that we attended our local school’s annual pop quiz last night. I’ve written about this before (HERE, it’s up to you, but I’d suggest you read it to get a feel of how important such a trivial event has become to me), and I wasn’t intending to write about it again. However, after many, many, many years of trying, (and usually placing third) last night, our long-term team, the Quizlamic Extremists…won!

Top of the scoreboard.

Coupled with being rather hungover, which comes from drinking too much gin (a drink I should never touch because it makes me overly-competitive and a tad aggressive), I am still in a bit of a state of shock over this. Like I say, I hadn’t even prepared a blog, because I didn’t think you’d really want to hear about us coming third again. And third was really all I was expecting last night – at best. I’m just not sure how it came about. I think our performance was similar to past performances. Some may say that there were a few key pop quiz super-brains missing from the contestant list (some may, but not I), some may say that it was a fluke (some may, but not I). I say we won it fair and square. I say the stars finally aligned. I say it was just out time. And the universe decreed it. Which isn’t an overstatement at all.

The most gracious winners ever…

So, what to do now. Next year NONE of our team will have a single child attending this primary school. And some may think now is a time to bow out gracefully. I mean, what if we came back next year and…I’m retching as I write this…didn’t win…? Next year, all our team’s kids will be attending the same secondary school. Perhaps it’s time to drift on to that school’s quiz (every school seems to have a quiz for parents, it’s the law). But it’s not a pop quiz, it’s general knowledge. And my general knowledge is okay – but music is my thing. And could it ever be the wild and debauched affair that this longstanding pop quiz has become? I mean, it’s utterly mental. If you were a fly on the wall, you’d be horrified that most of us are actually parents.

We’ve broken the glass on this already…

Anyway, as I sit here at my laptop, frequently glancing with a happy gaze at the winner’s gold disk (our team comprising of three couples, decided that I needed to take the disk home for the first stint. They thought I might cry if I didn’t. They’re wrong, though. It was never about the prize, it was about the winning – and gloating. Plus, we need to give the plaque back next year anyway, so it’s not really ours), I’m thinking that life is pretty good. Perhaps last night wasn’t life-changing, but it was a little victory, and I’m fairly sure that life is made up of those – not large ones. So, you must celebrate your victories when they come about – and gloat a little bit, if you want. And I do want.

PS: Well done and thanks to Danielle, Jo, Gareth, and Adam – the team. Sorry you couldn’t be there again, Robin. But if you will insist stag do’s are more important than the annual pop quiz, then… And thanks again to the quiz organisers. You rock. I’d also like to thank my mother, my agent…

PPS: A longer blog next time, I promise. Well, I don’t promise. Not on my life, anyway. And when ‘next time’ may be, one can never be sure.

6 thoughts on “We are the Champions, My Friends🏆

  1. Third place is no mean achievement. I love a good quiz and I post a weekly music quiz on another site. I’m not great with all the new fads though…. Anything after 2010 would probably stump me!

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